14 Jan

Is Islam a "religion of peacefulness"? Was Muhammad the accurate and final prophet of God? K Sheindlin information Muhammad's comprehensive catalogue of mental ailments which include: Psychopathy, Gynophobia, Napoleon Complex, Schizophrenia, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Messiah-God Impossible, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Athazagorophobia, Oedipus Impossible, Sex-addiction, Pedophilia, and Necrophilia. Throughout this series, writer J. With the growing danger of home-grown Muslim jihadist terrorist attacks and the ominous cataclysm of a global holy battle, there's no doubt Islam provides become a burdensome issue which has our own traditional western governments perplexed.

This book series intends to investigate the true ideology of Islam, to ascertain with reason and logic the legitimacy of Muhammad's claim and core teachings of his cult. Perhaps one of the most audacious, surprising, unthinkable and highly questionable concepts to ever become created, The People vs Muhammad places the founding dad of Islam on trial for criminal activity against mankind, and also to challenge his self-proclaimed power.T Sheindlin carefully analyses the Quran and the Islamic text messages legalistically to open the shocking truth pertaining to Muhammad's advocation for: Pedophilia, honor killings, sex slavery, prostitution, racism, extortion, homicide, psychological indoctrination, rational terrorism, censorship, grand larceny, racketeering, domestic assault, gender inequality, and very much more! These exterior factors getting: Volcanic gas inhalation, physical starvation, hunger, dehydration, brain damage and Syphilis. Using completely the Islamic resources in guide to modern psychiatric-medical archives, J. Is the Quran the fulfilment of the Scriptures, and legitimately carrying on with the traditions of the Judeo-Christian scriptures? Furthermore, the author also hypothesizes a convincing disagreement structured on medical research, which debunks Muhammad's first thought.

In this powerful series, the first installment Psychological analysis delves deep into Muhammad's past and uncovers disturbing facts which undoubtedly prove to be the origins of his multiple psychopathological disorders. Written to provoke a rational response from both Muslim and traditional western visitors, the verdict can be eventually made the decision by the general public to determine if Muhammad's claim to prophethood is certainly reputable.


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